I know that becoming a parent is a huge transition, and this transition can often feel overwhelming. I believe that reducing the level of overwhelm and equipping parents with the most up-to-date baby care guidelines and techniques are of the utmost importance to how successful parents feel as they get to know their newest addition.

It is not enough to “just” survive parenthood; you deserve to thrive.

Raising a baby and watching them grow into adults is life-changing. I’m here to support you through the first weeks of parenthood in a way that allows you space to figure out your personal parenting philosophy.

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.


Every parent deserves to feel cared for, supported, and heard after they welcome their baby.

Mission Statement:

To provide birthing parents and partners calm and nurturing physical, emotional and educational support during the Fourth Trimester (first 12 weeks postpartum). 

To empower new parents to confidently navigate the transition to parenthood by offering evidence-based information on newborn care, feeding and soothing; watching baby while they nap, doing light household chores, and running errands.

To help create a relaxed, nurturing environment that enables parents to focus their attention on their newborn.

Doula Lynn

Postpartum Doula support in the Metro Atlanta area.

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