Through in-home visits and continued communication, I offer birthing parents and their families calm and nurturing physical, emotional and educational support, helping to empower them to confidently navigate the transition to parenthood. I provide evidence-based information on newborn care, feeding and calming techniques as well as light housekeeping and organization.

What services do I provide while supporting your family?

     non-medical assistance with self-care recovery measures, emotional support 

     provide information on mother and baby care

      provide referrals to other professionals as needed

      feeding/breastfeeding support

      soothing and calming techniques

       preparation of occasional light meals, snacks, hydration

       grocery shopping or other errands (funds to be provided by client in advance)

       light housekeeping (i.e., laundry, tidying and dish-washing)

      watching baby and/or siblings so mom/partner can rest

The above is just a sampling of services I provide. My responsibilities on any given day is dependent on your needs. I’d love to talk with you to discuss your situation.

Postpartum hours are booked in a minimum of 4 hour shifts at $25/per hour.